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The eldest child of William and Bertha, Florine was born in 1881. In 1903, Florine married Edward Brandenstein (later changed to Bransten). They lived at 1735 Franklin Street (a wedding gift from her parents), where they raised four children; William, Edward, Alice and Frances.


Read more about Florine and her sister Alice's adventures in "The Haas Sisters of Franklin Street: A San Francisco Memoir of Family and Love" by Frances Bransten Rothmann.

Florine at 9-10years old
Florine's Wedding Day
Haas-Bransten House at 1735 Franklin
Edward Bransten and Florine Haas
MJB Coffee Ad c. 1920s
Florine Haas
Alice and Florine, c. 1960s

The Bransten family had lived in San Francisco since 1850, the year when Edward’s father, Joseph, founded a mercantile company. Edward joined the MJB Coffee Company, founded by his brother Max. MJB became one of the nation’s largest importers of coffee, tea, and rice. Edward became an internationally known tea expert.

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